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The Rise

Cory Kilduff - vocals/electronics
Stuart Reilly - guitar
Kemble Walters - drums
Danny Wood - bass
Ben Hicks - guitar
James Welsh - electronics




“Signal To Noise”
1.  The Fallacy Of Retrospective Determinism
2.  An Automated Response If You Will
3.  If All You Have Is A Hammer Everything Begins To Look Like Nails
4.  Constructive Criticism For A Predetermined Body Type
5.  The Concept Of Transience
6.  Station Identification For The Print Less
7.  Sophisticated Approach
8.  51/17
9.  Goals Methodology Assessment
10.  The Machine Question

Title Details
Catalog #: F030
Release Date: 2002-04-02
Format(s): CD

If we can?t all dance, this ain?t our revolution.

Scene suicide:
A rational response to an irrational plight. A collective can be empowered through risking everything; let go of false truths, as they will be torn apart to see that no truths exist at all. They would box your ears and tape your mouth. Salivate at the noise that once brought with it sustenance. Your finger is in the air to a
trained sound. A hardcore skinner box. You are the rat. This world within your hollow cube is not all that exists of reality, though for comfort, you construct it as such.

End the Conditioning
Smash the box and reject their rules. This scene belongs to each of us, and it
is what we make it. No doctrines were written, no parameters were set. Rules set limits, and no limit exists to each of our differences and every single one of our influences. Hardcore is the sound of revolution, and revolution takes many shapes and forms.

Touring Summer
Born during the first summer of the Millennium, with ex-members of Policy and
1066 plus newcomers, they are the future of this scene so many kids base their lives on. They are the band that will set the precedent for years to come. Indescribable and incomparable musical talent and a love for music is
all it took for this band to make an imprint in the great state of Texas and open a door to the outside world. Not metal. Not indie rock. Not emo. Not punk rock. No genre could be used to describe this band exclusively. Influenced from each? Yes, but not as a whole. Any band that can offer a sense of salvation to anyone, no matter what amount, is worth a listen. So here is what we offer: The Teresa Banks Profiles. The members: Ben, Colin, Danny, Stuart and Coco. The play with a style that is, on a very basic level, hardcore. But I think all of us involved
are hoping that what we are doing now is a little refreshing and eventually leading up to defining something new,? explains Coco. ?Lots of ideas, more electronics. Getting down with keyboards, a piano, sequencers, samplers, this
band is breaking ground on some interesting hardcore ideas.

Record January 2002 at Non-Linear Studios.

Produced and mixed by Kevin Ratterman and Mike Blaine.

Mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches.
To Die For 2