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Killswitch Engage

Adam Dutkiewicz - guitar
Joel Stroetzel - guitar
Mike D'Antonio - bass
Howard Jones - vocals
Justin Foley - drums



“Killswitch Engage”
1.  Temple From The Within
2.  Vide Infra
3.  Irreversal
4.  Rusted Embrace
5.  Prelude
6.  Soilborn
7.  Numb Sickened Eyes
8.  In The Unblind
9.  One Last Sunset

Title Details
Catalog #: F022
Release Date: 2005-01-11
Format(s): CD

Things couldn't have been more perfect for Killswitch Engage in the beginning of 2002. The band signed to Roadrunner after issuing its self-titled debut on Ferret Music. In May, KsE released Alive Or Just Breathing, which would go on to be lauded by critics and fans alike as a true metal masterpiece, thanks to its melodic underpinnings and its seamless fusion of European thrash metal and American hardcore.
Alive Or Just Breathing burrowed itself atop the American metal radio charts for a month straight. Tours with Soilwork and Hypocrisy were in the bag, and a tour with Kittie, Poison The Well, and Shadows Fall beckoned on the horizon. The album sold steadily (and in fact, continues to sell even when the band isn't on the road). 2002 was looking to be the summer of summers for Massachusetts' Killswitch Engage, and all the right pieces of the puzzle were in place.
Then the bottom dropped out, so to speak. In June, vocalist Jesse Leach abruptly left the band, due to voice problems and personal issues. Many wondered what was next. Had Killswitch hit the wall? Would the quintet truly be able to recover or would the band fold? Would a new singer be able to handle the range and dynamics afforded by Leach? Would the band be able to hold on to (or regain) the train of momentum?
According to the band, breaking up was never an option. ?I know I was wicked skeptical,? admits drummer turned guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, who in addition to producing his own band's efforts, is hotly sought after to produce other band's albums, as well. ?But everyone else in the band was like, 'Let's make something else work.' I wasn't sold until I heard Howard's voice.?
Enter Howard Jones, lead singer of local metalcore band, Blood Has Been Shed. ?He heard we were looking for a singer, and he tried out and it just worked,? says Dutkiewicz. The band tried out at least a dozen applicants and it boiled down to Jones having the best overall package: the prettiest clean vocals, the toughest growling vocals, and a menacing stage presence that draws every eye to him.

KsE whole-heartedly insists that Jones' arrival was the catalyst for a new and improved Killswitch Engage. Says bassist Mike D'Antonio, formerly of highly touted hardcore band Overcast, ?getting Howard into the band was the best thing that could have happened. He had an enormous amount of onstage charisma and energy, and it really adds to the band and gives us a lot more confidence.?
Jones assimilated into the band quickly, playing his first show at July 2002's Hellfest, essentially the Superbowl of the underground. He easily won over any skeptics. The band broke Jones in by remaining on the road all summer long, with the likes of Kittie, Poison The Well, Shadows Fall, and In Flames, and eventually tore apart Europe on the hugely successful Road Rage tour with labelmates Five Pointe O and 36 Crazyfists. Reflecting on the experience, Dutkiewicz recalls, ?Every show was close to sold out! It was insanely good. We were headlining and it was our first time over there and we had a killer response.? Japan also felt the onslaught of KsE.
At the end of 2002, it was as though Killswitch Engage was living the ultimate metal Cinderella story. Things started out smashingly, then crashed, but the quintet did not falter. They dusted themselves off and kept going at an even better, faster pace. In fact, the metal community has voiced its opinion that this incarnation of Killswitch Engage is even better than the original.
Capping off a year of triumph, the band has been invited to perform on the side stage of this summer's Ozzfest, which will cement Killswitch's reputation as road warriors. D'Antonio says, ?we feel so fortunate to be considered for the most major metal tour going today. It is a huge deal for us. When we found out, everyone was jumping for joy because we will make new fans and show the masses what we can do. We all feel like it is going to be the huge push that we need to get out there and make our presence known. With every tour, we take a step up and not only because you 'practice' everyday by being on the road. You hang out with the same people, and connect in the family way. So when we get on stage, things click.?
Before Ozzfest, however, Killswitch Engage will begin working on the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Alive Or Just Breathing. Says D'Antonio, ?in the writing process, things have gotten heavier, but at the same time, a lot more melodic. So we're expanding on what we were already doing and plan on doing more of that.? To keep the basic formula in tact while expanding on it is what diehard KsE fans can only hope for.

It's readily apparent that Killswitch Engage has only scratched the surface of its potential. With Ozzfest, scores of dedicated fans, and 100% trend-free metal in their arsenal, 2003 and beyond look to be banner years for KsE.


10 for 10 tour