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Joel - Guitar
Tara - Bass
Jusin - Drums
Aaron - Vocals
Tubes - Guitar


“If God Only Knew The Rest Were Dead”
1.  Heroin Fingers
2.  Bloodshed Rain
3.  Dislocation
4.  Gone
5.  Burning Cupid

Title Details
Catalog #: F009
Release Date: 1998-04-01
Format(s): CD

Disembodied came to life in 1995 and began making a name for themselves in the MN hardcore scene. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN they had a devastating effect on the sound of hardcore. Introducing themselves as simply the heaviest band in hardcore and going way beyond. They were instrumental in creating the metal/hardcore sound so prominent today. After two releases on Ferret, a final full length on Edison Recordings and multiple US tours, Disembodied disbanded in the late 90's, later moving on to form Martyr AD.


Affliction Clothing