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The Banner

Joey Southside - Throat
Rich Bukowski - Guitar
Jake DiMeo - Bass
Pollution - Drums
Buzz Luciano - Guitar




1.  Welcome Fuckers
2.  The Wolf
3.  Leechbath
4.  A Hellbound Heart
5.  On Hooks
7.  Sphrenia
8.  Funerals
9.  Dusk
10.  I Am Legion
11.  Ratflesh
12.  The Father And The Wayward Son

Title Details
Catalog #: F1032
Release Date: 2008-06-10
Format(s): CD

For going on ten years New Jerseys, The Banner have broken all the unwritten rules for hardcore bands while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Starting off as the more traditional hardcore band playing with all the metal-core powerhouses or the more metal band playing with all the traditional hardcore stalwarts or opening for huge mainstream rock acts such as My Chemical Romance, Coheed and Cambria or Taking Back Sunday , the band has found its place being out of place. While their first three releases jumped around stylistically as they honed their craft the band truly hit their stride with the release of Each Breath Haunted their second LP and first at their new home on Ferret Music. 

“Each Breath Haunted was the first record where we weren’t trying to do a little bit of everything, it was sort of like we were trying a bunch of different hammers and then suddenly we picked one up and said to ourselves “Yeah, this is the one I want to hit people with.” Explains singer Joey . The band clearly takes pride in trying to be a worthy legacy to the many bands they draw Influence from such as For The Love Of, Integrity, Ringworm, Ink & Dagger and of course the Misfits and Danzig.

The band has never proved their worth more than their latest release Frailty. “I feel like Each Breath was definitely us getting settled into our new path AND Frailty is us charging forward full force.” Joey goes on. When playing dark music bands walk a fine line of writing credible, moving music or being cartoony ghouls .The Banner clearly has no desire to do the later and blasts the listener with brutal, genuine offerings of rage , depression and hopelessness while smashing the ears with crushing doom and blazing fast hardcore punk. Easily holding their own on stage with hardcore giants like Madball and Terror as well as metal powerhouses such as Himsa and Killswitch Engage, the band's fans have come to expect a chaos during lives performances to match or exceed that found on their records. 

Though briefly disbanding in 2007 the band quickly bounced back stronger than ever with a new sense of drive and hasn’t looked back since. Non stop touring has left fans with almost no time to catch their breath when the band entered the Machineshop (Every Time I Die) in December to begin writing Frailty. The break has proven to be little more than the quiet before the storm as the band has been playing nearly every weekend since its completion. With extensive touring booked for the foreseeable future the band is poised to leave its mark permanently on the hardcore/metal community.


To Die For 2