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Full Blown Chaos

Ray Mazzola - Vocals
Mike Facci - Guitar
Mark Gumbrecht - Guitar
Jeff Facci - Drums
Mike "Lurk" Ruehle - Bass




“Heavy Lies The Crown”
1.  Firefight
2.  The Hard Goodbye
3.  Halos For Heroes
4.  Fail Like A Champ
5.  Heavy Lies The Crown
6.  Over The End
7.  No Last Call
8.  All For Nothing
9.  Raise Hell
10.  Standpoint
11.  Mojave Pt 1
12.  Mojave Pt 2

Title Details
Catalog #: F084
Release Date: 2007-08-21
Format(s): CD

At some point, the idea of being a "role model" became passé, a cliché, something to be scorned. "I'm no role model," you'd hear them laugh - the athlete, the movie star, the rapper, the rocker. But in the underground, where true self-determination and up-from-the-boot-strap work ethics still reign supreme, real role models exist. Responsibility, dedication and determination thrive, living and breathing inside Full Blown Chaos.

Case in point: Belgium's Groezrock Festival. The hard-working East Coast band comes off the stage after a blistering set of metallic hardcore informed by equal parts Pantera and Agnostic Front in front of 9,000 people. Singer Ray Mazzola immediately runs to the merch tent, still sweaty from the show, and continues to bust ass, slinging merch and talking with each and every kid that comes over to meet him for the next four hours.

"I sit down and this kid comes up to me, I'm talking with him, and he says, 'I really respect that you're out here doing this. Nobody wants to do that anymore. Everybody wants to be a rock star,'" recollects Mazzola. "And I told him: You can be the drunk rock star who wants to fuck every broad in the place, or you can be the person who takes the responsibility, who wants to share their music with people, and be the role model.”

"This kid leans over to me and he goes: 'Heavy Lies the Crown.' It hit me with such intensity. And he goes, 'You know there's a lot of people out there trying to be what you are but they don't understand how much sacrifice, patience, and endurance it takes to do what you do.' From that, I was like, that has to be the title."

So let it be written, so let it be done. Heavy Lies the Crown, the Ferret Music debut from Full Blown Chaos, it took the life lessons Mazzola has learned from his heroes like Freddy Madball, Roger Miret, and Max Cavalera and put them forward into the world via the most bone-crushing metal this side of the year 2000, a sound that every bit delivers on the promise the band has shown on the road with Slipknot, Fear Factory, and Hatebreed.

The album was met with great critical acclaim. Alternative Press gave the record a 4 out of 5 rating, saying “These guys stomp much harder than Hatebreed, incorporating influences from Pantera, Slayer and even Napalm Death into their vein-popping riff-fests." Maxim also gave the album a 4 out of 5 rating, and said “The latest record from these Queens, New York natives starts off running full speed with shredding guitars and vocals that fall somewhere between the roar of a black bear and Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed.” agreed, said of the album “Heavy Lies The Crown, the Ferret debut by Full Blown Chaos, is packed with snarling, gritty vocals, harsh yet decisive guitar, and 12 hard-hitting tracks that deliver a heartfelt punch every time.”

In support of the release of Heavy Lies the Crown, Full Blown Chaos has toured with Alabama Thunder Pussy, Obituary, Hemlock, Shai Hulud, The Red Death, The Breathing Process, Sons of Azrael, Despised Icon, The Acacia Strain, First Blood, Since the Flood, and more. Their live show has been known to be unrelenting in its intensity, and the band is best known for being a workhorse on tour, generally playing over 300 shows a year.

2008 was a rough year for the band not only as a musical unit but as individuals. Mike Facci (guitar) has stepped back, only to work with the band during the writing/recording process of the songs. The guitarist who has been a driving force creatively for the band since the beginning has decided that touring isn’t in the cards for him anymore. They’ve added the guitarwork of long time guitar tech and friend Mark Gumbrecht (guitar) to the lineup, giving them a two guitarist attack for the first time as a band in the writing process and they will add a “hired gun” touring guitarist to their roster. Jeff Facci is holding down the fort with his rhythmic drum assault and it is all offset by Mazzola's NYC-hardcore weaned and Anselmo-inspired vocal ferocity. The band is currently in search of a full time bass player.

“We're stoked to write music as a five piece now, to have new blood mixed into the new music.” Mazzola said. “We are excited to have a new creative entity to blend in with it. Though it’s been a bad year, things are looking up. The label is stoked on us, we're stoked on the label, as they’ve shown that they have wanted us to persevere though all the rough times this year has faced us with, we have experienced deaths in both of my family and the Facci family.”

Full Blown Chaos will spend the rest of 2008 tightening up not only their new lineup but the new direction of the band. They are demoing new material, with intentions to record it in the summer of 2009 for a fall release. Mazzola explains the band’s outlook with new members and following recent tragic events in their lives, “It’s adding another person that has the same aspirations and the same downs and ups as we do already. The sound of the new material is going to be more intense where it needs to be and heavier where it needs to be. Just from this year alone from how unfortunate this year has been for all of us, the music itself is aggressive and heavy beyond anything we've done. No matter what we do, it's going to stay just as heavy as everything else, just with a snowball effect to it. When you start an avalanche, it never seems that bad until it hits the bottom.”

Mazzola continues, “We have the time and the drive to push this new material and Heavy Lies the Crown. We’re not shunning that album because in my mind, every one of those songs has a special meaning to me. This new album is going to be just as important as a record lyrically. You know, my whole purpose is to show people and to tell people that 'You are not alone'. We’re all experiencing the same things in this band as everyone else is that buys our records. We understand what you're going through, as we’ve gone through things similar or maybe even the same. That’s the most important thing to me; it's not the selling of records or having 5,000 people at every show. If I have one person that can read my lyrics and get something from them, and realize that tomorrow will be a better day because they're not the only one suffering through their problems, that's what's most important to me.”

Starting in January of 2009, Full Blown Chaos will take their newly retooled lineup out on the road. They will headline a tour with Dirty Money, Trapped Under Ice, and Reign Supreme that will start January 3rd and run through to the end of the month. “We're excited to get back out; we were having a great time on the headlining tour with The Breathing Process and on the shows that did happen with Shai Hulud. It was very welcoming because we were off tour for quite a few months before that. Now having been off tour again for a few months, it'll be nice to get out and play some new music and see some people that we haven't seen for some time, especially with an updated lineup.” Mazzola said.


10 for 10 tour