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The Hottness

Adam - Vocals
Billy - Bass
Eric - Guitar/Vocals
Kyle - Guitar/Vocals




“Stay Classy”
1.  Straight Brown
2.  Blue Eyed
3.  Dearly Departed
4.  This City Is Ours
5.  Still Standing
6.  The Ghost
7.  Classy
8.  Trashy
9.  King Of Thieves
10.  She's A Riot

Title Details
Catalog #: F099
Release Date: 2008-04-29
Format(s): CD

A 5-piece Hard Rock/Punk/Southern Metal band out of Wilmigton, NC, THE HOTTNESS are unique with their approach to a some what watered down underground scene. With a sound composed of driving guitar riffs, flowing beats, thick breakdowns and southern style inspired vocal hooks, THE HOTTNESS have found a new way to showcase the already over populated Southern Rock/Metalcore scene. Although there is a heavy punk influence in style, THE HOTTNESS still know how to slow it down with melodic vocals and keep it alive with sing/chant along parts for the kids. With their debut full length "Stay Classy," THE HOTTNESS will breath life into a progressively stagnant, deteriorating scene.

The band will be on the Artery Foundation Across The Nation tour leading into release date with A Skylit Drive, Four Letter Lie, Before Their Eyes, Memphis May Fire and more. Look for more touring all summer and remember to take a breath of fresh air, and be sure to "Stay Classy."


10 for 10 tour