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Misery Signals

Kyle Nathan Johnson
Karl Schubach
Ryan David Morgan
Branden Michael Morgan
Stuart Ross




1.  Nothing
2.  Weight Of The World
3.  Labyrinthian
4.  Parallels
5.  Coma
6.  A Certain Death
7.  Set In Motion
8.  Ebb And Flow
9.  Reset
10.  Homecoming

Title Details
Catalog #: F108
Release Date: 2008-07-22
Format(s): CD

“It’s not like we made a conscious effort to change or make a good metal record or hardcore record, we just wanted to make a good Misery Signals album.” So speaks guitarist Ryan Morgan about their upcoming album Controller to be released on July 22nd through Ferret Music. Over the past five years the band has made huge strides within their own creative bubble, which encompasses raging metallic crunch and real life narratives seamlessly blended with beautiful instrumental and melodic post-rock sections. Technically adept but still primal, they are a band’s band able to start a mosh pit with no problem but also getting the rock hipsters to nod their head in respect. “We do draw a lot of kids who like playing music or who are starting their own bands” Morgan admits “I used to have a personal MySpace page and every day I would get questions about gear, time signatures and band dork questions like that” he laughs. On the new album, the band enlisted the poster boy for abstract and creative heavy music, Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad, The Devin Townsend Band) for the producer’s chair. Townsend also produced the band’s full-length debut Of Malice And The Magnum Heart (2004) and approached the band to produce Controller.

“Devin’s a great dude, He always makes great contributions and suggestions to the songs, and he is really understanding about what kind of sound we are going for” Morgan states. The new album is pure Misery Signals intertwined melodic guitars, morse code punching double-bass drum patterns, a thick bottom end and monolithic, boulder crushing vocals. However it also has the shortest song the band has ever wrote, the single Weight Of The World clocking in at a little over two minutes and as bassist Kyle Johnson relates “it’s a little angrier and faster for us and the first song we recorded this time around.” They also wrote an eight minute song which turned into a much more concise version as the song Re-Set. Morgan relates, “We wrote the entire album last fall with the band camping out in Milwaukee for three months. We demo-ed the material and had this massive, lengthy version of what would become the song Re-set. Devin worked with us until it was not only consolidated but the instrumental worked as a transition into the last song on the album so now it is two songs that work as a section of the album.” A true family affair, the album also features percussionist Mr. Morgan, (father of Ryan and drummer Branden) who has played with the Madison Symphony Orchestra for over twenty years.

Controller is the band’s third full-length album and is expecting to set a new watermark in the band’s career. It is a high mark to aim for as the band’s last full-length Mirrors (2006) received a deluge of critical acclaim and fan praise. Among those well wishers were Alternative Press who featured the band as 100 BANDS YOU NEED TO KNOW 2007 which yielded the quote “Let’s face it: A lot of metal-roar-core acts don’t mix in Sigur Ros-esque ambient breaks within the kind of gut-wrenching boom you’ll find on the Signals’ recent disc, Mirrors.” Revolver who featured Misery Signals as a BAND TO WATCH described the band as “A relentlessly ambitious melodic, metalcore band with a knack for exhausting members with their take-no-prisoners touring schedule.” Speaking of that non-stop touring schedule the band have hit over five countries in the past several months including a headlining tour of Europe, festivals in Japan and Australia with I Killed The Prom Queen as well as their current slot supporting As I Lay Dying on their North American and Canadian dates. The band has been popular touring partners with bands across the heavy spectrum, hitting the road with such acts as Dillinger Escape Plan, Bleeding Through, Norma Jean, All That Remains, Emmure, Shai Halud, The Chariot, Darkest Hour, Dead to Fall and Between The Buried And Me.

Forming in 2002, Misery Signals members live between Milwaukee, WI and Regina, Canada (over 24 hours away). Newest member, vocalist Karl Schubach joined the band just prior to the recording of Mirrors in 2006.


To Die For 2