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Lower Definition

Tino Arteaga - Drums
Eddy Marshburn - Guitar
Stefan Toler - Bass
Matt Geise - Vocals




“The Greatest Of All Lost Arts”
1.  To Satellite
2.  The Ocean, The Beast!
3.  Miami Nights
4.  The Choreographer
5.  Versus Versace
6.  Pueblo Cicada
7.  His Silent Film
8.  The Ventriloquist
9.  If We Speak Quietly
10.  The Weatherman
11.  Namaskar

Title Details
Catalog #: F106
Release Date: 2008-07-08
Format(s): CD

As a misnomer to their sound, San Diego’s own Lower Definition are anything but low key. In their sound in a soaring melodic sound and vocal approach that mesh power and catchiness that recall Faith No More and Glassjaw in their prime. Like the afore-mentioned groups Lower D has a driving aggression that is more technically adept of distortion and multiply-fired riffs than pummeling. Just wrapping up in the studio with acclaimed producer Kris Crummet (Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Kaddisfly) the band are primed to release their full-length debut for Ferret Music, The Greatest of All Lost Arts. When asked about the title, The Greatest of All Lost Arts, comes from the beginning of a long lost Mark Twain quote, and when asked about the meaning and theme, drummer Valentino Arteaga details “Our fans are honest, and they know what to expect from us. We have to enjoy what we are creating, and we think that enjoyment and quality in music is a lost art.” Arteaga self-describes the album as a genre-bridging musical mix. “It’s melodic and heavy at the same time, and all of the songs are lyrically related to each other. It’s very much left up to interpretation.”

The band including Arteaga, vocalist Matt Geise, guitarist Eddy Marshburn and Stefan Toler on bass formed several years ago. As Marshburn relates “I was just a kid in eighth grade playing guitar in my room to Thrice. My older sister was friends with Valentino and told me that we should meet up and start playing.” In the beginning the band was more of a punk band as Marshburn admits because “we couldn’t play our instruments well enough to do anything else.” Dedicated and inspired, they practiced over and over again, finding their own abilities and sound. “We were the kids that would go to shows every day” says Marshburn “we know what kids want to see and we really worked to put together a show that hopefully leaves the fan getting their money’s worth.” This includes building light boxes that are armed with strobe lights and 500 watt floods and using samples in their sets.

The band has painstakingly built their own buzz organically from the basement shows up. Their live fervor and growing fan base was notable when SOMA, which is the big venue for punk, hardcore and emo in their hometown started calling the band offering them shows every day. “I remember in 10th grade my friend pulled me out of class and told me that we were offered an opening spot on a Saosin show. I knew then that we must have been doing something right.” Since then they have been placed on a number of notable tours, including Taste of Chaos, Warped Tour, and Saints and Sinners. They have shared the stage with bands ranging from Glassjaw to Deftones to Angels and Airwaves. In 2007 the band self-released an EP titled Moths which was a calling card of a band breaking free of a regional underground into national attention. Since their signing to Ferret, the band have recently embarked on a national tour with A Skylit Drive. They have a upcoming tour with Destroy The Runner and Search The City in April and May.


10 for 10 tour