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Underneath The Gun

Harrison - Vocals
Trevor - Guitar
Isaac - Drums
Kyle - Bass
Danny - Guitar




“Forfeit Misfortunes”
1.  Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies
2.  Reflection Of The Commonwealth
3.  Looking Deep In Shallow Water
4.  Pentinence
5.  A Sharp Definition Of Dull
6.  Shawshank Absolution
7.  No Place For Pardon
8.  Crescendo
9.  Rising Words
10.  Breathing New Lungs

Title Details
Catalog #: F118
Release Date: 2009-01-20
Format(s): CD

Hailing from Corona, CA, Underneath The Gun delivers intense death metal influenced hardcore. While their speedy and dexterous instrument gymnastics ignite firestorms in the mosh pit, the message behind the fury is one of love, hope and compassion. Trevor Vickers (guitarist) spoke about the bands Christian beliefs and how it impacts their music, "Underneath The Gun while it sounds harsh is about our time on this earth and how we should use that time to get right with the lord."
The band embarked on this spiritual and musical journey at only twelve years old. "We always had the same mission and influences the only difference is we've matured in our approach" Vickers remarked. Starting by playing local Church shows and battle of the bands and graduating to club shows at fourteen the band quickly took up much of the member's youths. "We definitely turned a lot of heads being these kids and playing clubs with this style of music. We were getting comments from every band we played with." Alongside guitarist Trevor Vickers is Harrison DeGrote (vocals), Isaac Bueno (drums), Kyle Sims (bass).

"While we love metal, we never want to limit ourselves to just one sound." Vickers commented "Our new material is a lot more melodic while being more aggressive than anything weve done before." They recorded the new material with Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying. Vickers continued, It was a great experience for us working Tim, weve always been fans of As I Lay Dying. He was a big impact on us as musicians while we were in the studio and his imput on the production side changed the structure of our songwriting. We are really happy with how everything came out. Their new album will be out in January 2009 on Ferret Music. Underneath The Gun has played shows with A Job For A Cowboy, A Life Once Lost, August Burns Red, Suicide Silence, My Children My Bride, Don The Reader, KillWhitneyDead, and Emmure.


Affliction Clothing