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Burnt By The Sun



“split with Luddite Clone”
1.  When Corporations Rule Your Mom (BBTS)
2.  Blow Job City (BBTS)
3.  There Are Pictures Of Me On The Internet (BBTS)
4.  Bohemiath (Luddite Clone)
5.  Lemming Sand Leeches (Luddite Clone)

Title Details
Catalog #: F024
Release Date: 2000-01-01
Format(s): CD

As one of the most revered new acts in modern heavy music, BURNT BY THE SUN administer a deft fusion of artistry and ferocity on their much anticipated new full-length, "The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good", which they've just released on Relapse Records. With a sleek combination of metallic hardcore, post-punk pummel, artful arrangements and raw, unrelenting power, BURNT BY THE SUN trailblaze heretofore unexplored musical paths. Blending astounding dexterity, a scorching attack and brilliant production from Matt Bayles (ISIS, VENDETTA RED, MASTODON, BLOOD BROTHERS) BURNT BY THE SUN continues heavy music's ongoing evolution.

Burnt By The Sun released their first material on Ferret Music coupled with tracks by another Jersey local - The Luddite Clone.


To Die For 2