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Martyr A.D.

Michael James Fisketti - Vocals
Joel Andrew Johnson - Guitar
Charles Allan Johnson - Guitar and Vocals
Tara Lee Anderson - Bass
Justin James Kane - Drums



“The Human Condition In 12 Fractions”
1.  Failed Polygraph Examination
2.  Broken Mouth
3.  Seventyfive - Twentyfive
4.  The Montreal Screwjob
5.  The Fault Of The Human Condition
6.  Statement Of Being Followed By Followers
7.  Prozac Anecdote
8.  A Suicide Note In Braile
9.  Withered Monarch
10.  Marriage With A Guardrail
11.  Castration
12.  The Gestation Process

Title Details
Catalog #: F023
Release Date: 2001-01-05
Format(s): CD

Minneapolis just got cold again. Martyr AD was born out of the ashes of Disembodied. Joel, Tara and Justin of Disembodied, with new friends Mike and Charlie, met in a concrete practice space and began what turned into 'The Human Condition In Twelve Fractions'. With disembodied reaching an untimely end, a void was created which was never filled... until the birth of Martyr AD. Reminiscent of their earlier life, Matyr AD take massive strides past what was done in their member's pasts. Reaching break-neck speeds and technical perfection never met before, Martyr excelled while keeping the trademark extreme riffing Joel has become known for. From the first high notes of Brokenmouth we know where they came from, by the end of the record we realize that the past is dead and gone, we remember, but move on. This is the sound of the future.

Look for their sophomore full length on Victory Records in 2004.


10 for 10 tour