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Various Artists




“Progression Through Aggression”
1.  Every Time I Die "I've Been Gone A Long Time"
2.  Boys Night Out "I Got Punched..."
3.  Scarlet "Untitled"
4.  Funeral For A Friend "Bullet Theory"
5.  A Static Lullaby "Lipgloss and Letdown"
6.  Twelve Tribes "Backburner"
7.  Remembering Never "Incisions"
8.  The Bronx "Heart Attack American"
9.  Blood Has Been Shed "She Speaks To Me"
10.  The Break "We Live Without Sleep"
11.  Misery Signals "The Year Summer Ended In June"
12.  From Autumn To Ashes "Royal Crown vs. Blue Duchess"
13.  Suicide Note "Random Hell"
14.  Killswitch Engage "Vide Infra"
15.  Every Time I Die "Logic of Crocodiles"
16.  Remembering Never "Big Jim's Mistake"
17.  Blood Has Been Shed "Metamorph"
18.  Martyr AD "Broken Mouth"

Title Details
Catalog #: F044
Release Date: 2004-03-23
Format(s): CD

The Hardcore Scene gave birth to Ferret Music in 1996. 8 years and 43 releases later, the label has quietly grown to become a cornerstone of underground music culture. Releasing sounds ranging from Metal to Emo, Ferret has pursued the develop of aggressive, passionate music.

With 'Progression Through Aggression', Ferret releases their first label sampler. 19 tracks from their current roster along with 19 tracks from some of the most important new faces in this seething underground music culture. Cuts from classic Ferret releases the likes of Killswitch Engage's first self-titled album and From Autumn To Ashes 'Too Bad You're Beautiful' are mixed with today's emerging stars like Every Time I Die, Boys Night Out and Funeral For A Friend and never before released tracks from the Zao, The Break, Misery Signals and Twelve Tribes; Ferret's future.

The Ferret logo and it's various sounds have traveled the planet with it's bands and releases, graced the pages of pinnacle underground magazines like Punk Planet on through to Pop Culture heralds Rolling Stone and Spin, seen exposure on MTV, Fuse, Much Music, Kerrang! TV and so on. Worn on the backs of T-shirts on music lovers across the Earth it represents music and passion for everyone that wants to move or be moved.


To Die For 2