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A Life Once Lost

Robert Meadows - Vocals
Robert Carpenter - Guitar
Douglas Sabolick aka Snake Sustaine - Guitar
Nick Hale - Bass
Justin Graves - Drummer




1.  Rehashed MP3
2.  Needleman
3.  Vulture MP3
4.  Pain & Panic
5.  Hunter
6.  Grotesque
7.  Salai
8.  A Rush & Siege
9.  I Give In
10.  Ghosting
11.  With Pitiless Blows

Title Details
Catalog #: F054
Release Date: 2005-06-28
Format(s): CD

" idiosyncratic approach to unrepentant shout to forge ahead" - REVOLVER

"a perfect balance between listenability and heaviness...incredible" - ALTERNATIVE PRESS

Philadelphia, PA rock powerhouse ALOL (A LIFE ONCE LOST) is set to unveil its long-awaited new album, entitled IRON GAG. Set for a September 18, 2007 release, IRON GAG is a strong record by a band nearing an ideal of cohesion. ALOL's ever-catchy, artful assault remains, but the mood is electric, with tracks such as 'Firewater Joyride' revealing the sound of a band that's on the threshold of a much broader audience. Known for flattening clubs with its firepower, ALOL has captured the intensity of its live show on the forthcoming release, the ever-mutating quintet merging continued artistic growth with an intense, wizened roar. The album was self-produced by the band and mastered at West West Side Music by the venerable Alan Douches. "There are a lot of things I wanted to say to a lot of people on this record," ALOL frontman Bob Meadows explains. "It was inspired by a lot of things I've wanted to say but haven't because I had to watch myself. This album's really pissed, and it's very vicious." "The songs are way more fierce," he continues. "There's an element about it that Hunter didn't have, and I think maybe that was because of us recording it ourselves. It was us learning from [Hunter producer and former Anthrax guitarist] Rob Caggiano how to actually approach the songs and my working with [Lamb of God's] Randy Blythe on the vocal production, which taught me how to approach the songs even better. And with all of that working together, we've definitely dished out a record that's going to turn a lot of heads - It's a monster of a release."

Formed in 1999, A LIFE ONCE LOST has constantly progressed, releasing a string of critically acclaimed albums that have earned them the title as one of this decade's most looked to heavy music bands. Releasing material through underground tastemaker labels such as Robotic Empire (2003's The Fourth Plague: Flies) and Converge singer Jake Bannon's Deathwish, Inc. (A Great Artist), ALOL has come to be known as a "band's band" - one that delivers consistent, quality releases and backs them up with non-stop road dog touring.

Logging countless miles on the road over the past 5 years, ALOL has developed into an absolute force to be reckoned with in the live setting. The band has crisscrossed the globe alongside a diverse array of their hard music peers including treks with HIGH ON FIRE, OPETH, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and LAMB OF GOD. In 2005, ALOL released Hunter (Ferret Music), an album that snarled with a mesmerizing combination of cornerstone groove and staccato punch. The release met to wide-reaching praise and yielded the powerfully angular track "Vulture", which immediately became a favorite amongst the band's growing legion of devoted fans. The video for "Vulture" was like a high-action version of an X-Files episode, visually capturing ALOL's explosive live energy. High-profile North American treks as part of OZZFEST, the "Sounds of the Underground" and Jagermeister Music tours followed, putting the band on the radar of thousands of new music enthusiasts. Now, with IRON GAG, ALOL is set to deliver a truly original, innovative, heavy-as-hell listening experience. Unpredictable and dangerous, the band injects a fire-breathing, brazen swagger into its wide musical palette. Musically, IRON GAG is all about mining the capabilities of each musician, the album a study in elemental force that rides the line between metal and rock with enlightened originality. Slick, sly, hard-hitting, and intelligent, IRON GAG is the rare heavy record with staying power. Supremely well-paced, the music dovetails its blend of raw-power metal and fuzz-tripping hard-rock, combining each in various permutations: the rock coming to the forefront in songs such as 'Firewater Joyride' and the crunching 'Detest'; the more deliberate side of the band emerging in the bruising 'Worship' and the snide, slow-boil of 'THE WANDERER'. The vocals on IRON GAG are at once sarcastic, cynical and mocking, a troubled humanity lurking just beneath the surface. Buzz-bomb guitars raise the bar on the "riffs-per-square-inch" ratio to heretofore unseen heights, delivering an absolutely massive wallop of scorched-out, supercharged rock. The menace and muscle of ALOL's burning train rhythm section carves a space for IRON GAG's monolithic Zeppelin-esque riffs that seem to teeter on a cliff's edge, ready to plunge into a void. Grinding as if they were stripping screws of their threads, guitar bends and rapid-fire slides slice through the tracks like hot knives. You want the heavy? It's all here. "Nothing has ever slowed us down. We are a band that saw what we wanted and did what we wanted to do," Meadows says flatly. "It's about going out there and taking it."

Like a shark, this band can only go forwards and the deeper reaches of IRON GAG are very clearly the sound of A LIFE ONCE LOST finding new waters in which to hunt.


Affliction Clothing