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Daniel Weyandt - Vocals
Scott Mellinger - Guitar & Vocals
Marty Lunn - Bass
Jeff Gretz - Drums



“The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here”
1.  Cancer Eater
2.  Physician Heal Thyself
3.  Everything You Love Will Soon Fly Away
4.  It's Hard Not To Shake With A Gun In Your Mouth
5.  Kingdom Of Thieves
6.  Killing Time Til It's Time To Die
7.  There Is No Such This As Paranoia
8.  Pudgy Young Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes
9.  My Love, My Love (We've Come Back From The Dead)
10.  American Sheets On The Deathbed
11.  A Last Time For Everything

Title Details
Catalog #: F068
Release Date: 2006-06-13
Format(s): CD

"If the melodic end of the kingdom has been taken by Killswitch Engage then the extreme end belongs to Zao. No question." -- Metal Hammer magazine.

Awake? will sound immediately familiar to anyone who has followed Zao’s convoluted, controversial and altogether exciting career, with its signature all-out heaviness and beautifully simple memorbilitiy. Awake? stands easily beside the best and brightest of the Zao catalog, with the kind of production (courtesy of guitarist Scott Mellinger himself together with As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis and Daniel Castleman) that Zao has always deserved.

Thunderous, epic, and full of passion, Zao (Greek for “alive”) is driven by vocals that exorcise singer Daniel Weyandt's demons as if his life depended on the songs. His words reshape a personal history wrought with tragedy, suicide and death into beautiful musings that connected with their brutal honesty and naked self-observation. Mellinger, the band’s primary songwriter, adds melodic vocals as well.

Zao's storied career was documented on the two-disc The Lesser Lights Of Heaven DVD and the luminaries of today's heavy music scene are well aware of their debt to the band. Underoath and Unearth opened for Zao. Thrice, As I Lay Dying and Demon Hunter love Zao. Matt Heafy from Trivium joined the band onstage during a tour together.

Zao’s hometown of Greensburg, Pennsylvania isn't known for many things besides being in close proximity to the mall where George A. Romero filmed Dawn Of The Dead. And that isolation has allowed the band to steer clear of trends.

Zao’s original incarnation formed in the mid-90s with evangelical zeal. When that version of the band fell apart, Zao as it would come to change the course of heavy music was born. Recently hailed by Alternative Press as “one of the most important albums of 1998, Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest took the conventions of hardcore and heavy metal and turned them upside down.

When Scott Mellinger joined Zao for the following year’s Liberate te ex Inferis, it began a song-writing partnership with Weyandt that persists to this day. Self-Titled was written and recorded by Dan, Scott and Jesse Smith (the only remaining holdover from the pre-B&F days) and featured a vast amount of experimentation with electronics, dark soundscapes, and melodic interludes. “Five Year Winter” continues to be one of Zao’s most popular songs in the live setting. The trio created Parade Of Chaos together as well, pushing the envelope even further.

Zao’s first album for Ferret Music, The Funeral of God, was recorded as a five-piece with producer Eric Rachel (Atreyu, Every Time I Die). The album became Zao’s biggest selling record and saw them receive their first airplay on MTV2 and Fuse and major press accolades.

After tours with bands like Bleeding Through and Dillinger Escape Plan, the band – now Dan, Scott, Marty Lunn (bass) and Jeff Gretz (drums) – recorded The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Neurosis) manning the reel-to-reel. Next they hit the road with In Flames, Trivium, Demon Hunter & Throwdown.

Dan, Scott, Marty and Jeff reconvened for Awake?, their first album of new material in three years. The record was produced and engineered almost entirely by Scott in Pennsylvania, with Daniel Castleman and As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis producing drums in Southern California and handling the mixing. Longtime friend and Grammy nominated graphic designer Ryan Clark returned to handle the packaging, with some artwork from Dan’s close friend, Gabe Felice.

Zao’s latest album wants to step into your consciousness, unnerve you, make you think. Are you truly… Awake?


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