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Remember when I said not to send me links to your bands online community pages because I won't look and it shows no effort on your part? Well I take that back...

In the interest of saving the Earth from caving in one day we ask that you now only send us links to your bands MySpace, PureVolume, Virb, Facebook etc.. pages that have music on them instead of wasting all the resources and money it takes for you to actually send us a package, this is much easier AND cost effective for your band. Now you won't have to waste money on postage, mailing materials and blank cds.

Please don't think that you will be the one who gets your band noticed by sending me a package, it will most likely end up in the corner of my office anyways, if you email me a link there is a much better chance that I will click it.

Also, DO NOT send us links to download MP3's, EPK's etc... because we won't do it. We simply just won't chance getting a virus. You may, however, email me naked pictures of your sisters or girlfriends.

We will listen to all submissions we get and WE will contact YOU if we need to. Please do not write me and ask me if I have listened to your band yet, we are super busy here and listen to demos when we get a chance. Thanks.

Ferret Staff

"Death Rides"